Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's been awhile since my last post, sorry about that! School ended and I have just been enjoying summer to the fullest! We have been eating some pretty yummy things thanks to our trusty grill, stay tuned as a post some of my simple goods! 
I've been working in our garden, this is our first year so a total trial and error. We decided to plant everything by seed and a little late at that, so we are thinking a later harvest than usual for the valley! But we have been benefitting from my dad's garden so lucky!!
I looked in my fridge one Sunday night with no idea what to make for dinner. Looked at what I had to offer and low and behold the makings of a perfect steak salad! 
The Dresssing! So simple, yet so good! 
Half a cup of Olive Oil
3/4 of a cup of balsamic vinegar 
1 tbls of minced garlic
Dash of salt
Couple dashes of pepper
Steak Chopped Salad
Steak (or meat of your choice) chopped
1 large beef tomato 
1 large avocado 
1 egg boiled
4 pieces of bacon 
3 peppers (color of choice)
Half bunch of asparagus 
Feta cheese
Mixed Spring Lettuce 

Cook your meat to preference (I had steak left over from the night before)
Grilling is so easy this time of year and doesn't make your house as hot either! Throw your asparagus, peppers, and bacon on the grill they all cook quickly, about 10-12 minutes. Add your lettuce to your bowl, chop tomato, chop avocado and also your egg. 
Take your veggies and bacon of the grill, let cool, chop and add to salad! 
Last but not least dress with your yummy dressing, toss and you are ready for dinner!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Memorial Day! Garrett had work half day and it was my first official day of summer break! I had a few things to do around the house, but still made it a relaxing day. It was warm one out i attempted to get my tan on, but couldn't handle the heat! I am so thankful for the men and women who have served and are still serving so that I can live freely, thank you! 
God Bless America!

It was just Garrett and I for a low key afternoon BBQ. Simple burgers with a delicious fruit salad, perfect for a hot day!

I looked in my fridge and noticed I had a lot of fruit needing to be used! So, what better way than a salad, I also had a delicious cucumber in there from daddios garden, so I added that to the mix as well! 
1 cup blueberries
1 cup chopped strawberries
1 mini watermelon 
1 whole cucumber 
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 pinch of salt
Yes, it's as easy as that but is so delicious!! It even made enough to put in Garrett's lunch the past couple days, happy man! 
Fresh Is Best!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Date night in!

Date night in is one of my favorite things! Sure, going out to eat every so often is fun but with us it always ends up telling the other to decide where to go and then when one finally does make a decision it's not where the other want to go .... You know exactly what I mean! 
Cook at home and make it special! What's better than after having a great dinner, going over to your own couch to cuddle up with your hunny and watching that redbox! Let me tell you from personal experience setting a table makes your meal look 20 times better and if it looks better it taste better! I keep a closet free in my house with different candle holders, candles, placemats and other table toppers! Spend a few extra minutes to make that dinner table (or breakfast or lunch)  special! I love seeing Garrett's face smirk when I've made an effort to make a casual date night something special! I usually take a little time before I leave for work to set the table so I have something fun to walk into when I come home! 
Make a menu up before hand nd head to the market earlier in the week! You don't want to get off work, go to the market and then have to come home and make a cute date night have it at home and ready! Make it fun come in light those candles and put on the slow jams, well for us it's country but turn on those tunes not the tv... Ruins the mood! Make something different, make his favs, try a new recipe, or make a classic change it up, take a few chances it Will be worth it! 

This by far was my favorite date night! I set up a little picnic in the back of my truck and parked it so we could enjoy the sunset in our backyard.... So romantic! And I didn't even have to cook a meal a little cheese and crackers, salami, fresh grapes and some homemade bruschetta (stay tuned!)  it was so relaxing and different!
Dinner inside! I used my great grandmas table square which means so much to me and clothe napkins, yes I said clothe napkins people seem to stray away from clothe because it's not easy clean up but what's two more little things in the wash, add them to your table gives it a little more elegance! Oh and my beloved mason jars with tea lights they are so cheap but add so much! 
I should say while lighting these candles I may or May not have caught my hair on fire... Don't worry only added more fun to our night!
Okay I loooove picnic table! It can squeeze many or is perfect for two! Another thing I love is that it's so easy to move! This night was a sunset dinner, easy just move the table to see the view! A simple BBQ night added with a few chunky candles and the night is perfect!

This night was perfect for me, because that Amazing  man I told you about did it all for me! Yep, he did the flowers, mini pumpkins and all the food! I feel like if you take care of your man he'll take care of you ;)

Hope you got a few easy simple ideas to make those "boring" Friday nights in a little more fun and maybe even romantic ;)
Xoxo Ali

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The 'ME' behind From Apples to Oranges!

First post on the blog, so here we go! I am just a simple girl who loves her job as a preschool teacher but what I love most that you will soon find out is living the country life with my amazing hubby and two pups! I love to cook simple, yummy, most the time healthy, but good foods! Going to try and use this blog to display awesome stuff to do with your kiddos and what I do with mine in the classroom (the "Apple" part) and also my lifestyle of being a country wifey and learning as I go! (The "Orange" part) I love to make a simple Tuesday night dinner for the two of us something to remember, so if that means lighting a few more candles or bringing out the china then that's what I'll do!  Hope you Enjoy!
Xoxo Ali!
This is me, in all my best! Throw on a little apron and it automatically makes you feel like a better cook! (Asparagus salad recipe to come soon!)
Meet the man behind my heart, Garrett! He is one of the hardest working men I know! You will see me talk and refer to this amazing man ALOT! 
Here are my pups Max (brown and white) my little buddy! He is little but mighty, my guard dog! And then there's Macie Sue (black and white) the sweetest border collie you will ever meet! This girl is always up for a hug and some love! 
This my friends, is one of our simple date nights! Take five minutes to set the table a little special and different each time and keep that spark alive in your own backyard! So many ideas and recipes to come!!

A day working on the ranch with these guys! Let me tell you hours in the orange trees can still be a good time! 

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit about me! Please come back to visit From Apples to Oranges for fun ideas, recipes and goods to do with the kiddos!